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  Cameron Industrial Auctioneers
  Auction Center - Fredericton, N.B.

With Cameron Industrial Inc. Auctioneers & Appraisers you employ the services of many professionals. In a world of constantly changing market conditions and values, it is equally important to employ a professional auction company when liquidating assets. Let qualified professionals determine market value for you.

Auction Center

With the construction and opening of the Auction Center, Cameron Auctioneers have provided a specially designed, permanent facility for the display and auction of all types of personal property. The Auction Center regularly receives consignments of all types of merchandise including entire estate and antique lots, vehicles, industrial commercial equipment and inventory.

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Why Auction?

There are many good reasons to sell by auction

Compare for your benefit. The auction method can out perform any other marketing method for whatever you have to sell.

Competition among buyers for your property is greatly increased at an auction.

You decide when to sell.

The auction method is a quick and efficient means of converting your property, possessions, or inventory into cash, immediately.

Anything you own in real or personal property can be sold through an auction.

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  Owner/Auctioneer Mark Sloat ICCA at   another successful auction in southern   N.B.

Yes! You can get MORE for your personal property or surplus equipment at auction, because of the competitive bidding atmosphere unique to an auction. Ask us how.

We have auctioned assets valued at over $1,000,000 but we also handle smaller auctions with the same enthusiasm and success. The idea of holding unreserved, straight forward, honest and above board auctions creates a common market place where the buyer has an opportunity to purchase by way of competitive bidding and where the seller converts his assets into cash by this fast efficient method.

You have no second chance. Insure yourself with total confidence when you require auction services.

Call Cameron Industrial Auctioneers. There is a difference.

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